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                           Baltimore, MD 21207

“Lift every voice and sing, ‘til earth and heaven ring; ring with the harmonies of liberty.
Let our rejoicing rise high as the listening skies; let it resound loud as the rolling sea.”

Elizabeth Craig, President
Wanda Valentine, Secretary
Jerrisa P. Carter, Treasurer
Gregory Allen, Chair (CCC Auxiliary)
Marco K. Merrick, Founding Director

​​The Community Concert Choir of Baltimore, Inc. 

About us

Founded by Marco K. Merrick in July 2010, The Community Concert Choir was established to help preserve the musical heritage of the Black Church.  The inaugural concert took place November 7, 2010 at the Historic Union Baptist Church, meeting with an overflowing crowd, acclaimed reception and enthusiastic support.  In an effort to promote good sacred music, as well as educate our children and communities of the rich music legacy unique only to the Black Church, this aggregation has quickly grown to more than 150 members, spanning age, race, cultural denominational and geographic lines. It celebrates the music that has shaped history and reinforced our faith with hope over generations. The mission embraces the community fully, reaffirming the brilliance and strength of our journey for generations to come.

The African America Church tradition has cultivated a broad spectrum of music which our forebears shaped their existence in America “a strange land” and fostered faith through song.  They survived the horrific middle passage of the slave trade and stamped their inimitable legacy in the souls of succeeding generations.  Spirituals inspire each era, spanning slavery, American Revolution, Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights movement and the modern day, crafting musical development around the world.  

The Community Concert choir perpetuates the Black Church’s musical tradition, including Negro Spiritual, Western European hymns and anthems, as well as the evolution of gospel music.  The remarkable growth and development in our music, its institutions and artists the world over however yields a stark reality that the foundational music and our unique musical forms have vanished from many Black Churches. This choir has been commissioned across denominational lines and communities to share this rich music in numerous churches and venues in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  Annually, the choir presents three signature concerts (Spring, Fall and Christmas.)  In 2013, the choir held a special ceremony to honor the legacy of American icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., singing at the MLK, Jr. Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C. and presented its first Christmas concert in December to a standing-room only crowd at the United House of Prayer for All People in Baltimore.  In 2014, it made its debut at Morgan State University, performing with the Hall Men of Calvert Hall College High School and The Singing Sensations of Baltimore in a tribute concert held in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center.  

The Auxiliary is comprised of community leaders and representatives from churches, social, public service, educational and community organizations.  It supports the choir’s programs and performances, as well as sponsor several activities, including an annual bus trip to New York City to a Broadway production, a sell-out crab feast each summer, other cultural, social and travel opportunities, to extend the choir’s reach and support to many community events.  All are welcome to become a member of the choir and/or the Auxiliary.